miercuri, 8 august 2007

Help remove "Jewwatch" from Google

Dear Friend,

When you Google the word "Jew", one of the first websites that pops up
is http://www.jewwatch.com/ -- an anti-semitic, hate-filled harangue
masquerating as "scholarly, factual, informational".

Add your name to the petition to remove www.jewwatch.com from Google's
search engine. (Check out the site and you will understand why.) In
order for Google to remove this, they would need a petition of over
50,000 requests.... let's make it 500,000!

Go to: http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition.html to sign the

VERY IMPORTANT !! Please pass this one on!

5 comentarii:

  1. By doing this you only succeed on promoting that site better. Do you really want that?

  2. Well, I hope that if this site will be removed from google, there will be no chance for it to be promoted. It may be that now they'll have more visits, but do you know a better way?
    In fact, some people (a lot in fact) supported this action and maybe it will help.

  3. Vio, bravo ca l-ai pus. Sa stii o chestie. De fiecare data cind cineva face asta militeaza impotriva urii gratuite. Ura gratuita nu e numai fata de evrei ci mai toate minoritatile din toate tarile sint urite gratuit de majoritati.


  4. din fericire la mine la munca (de unde navighez :)) e banat site-ul fiind catalogat ca hate/discrimination.

  5. Balaure, tu cred ca stii mai bine...

    alegzandro, asta e o veste deja buna:>


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