miercuri, 17 mai 2006

The Post War Dream

-I was in Romania too, he said, I just don't know where anymore.
He was there as a child, I first thought, because he couldn't have been drunk the whole time.
-In '45, he said.
-OMG, I said, you were there in the war!!!...
-Yeap, he said.

It rains, it's beautiful, it's almost summer and I feel like crying. Right.

vineri, 12 mai 2006

Irinuca with earrings

I had a pretty nice dream. Not as beautiful as my “colonial America” one, but in top 5, I’d say. It also has to do with travel, I was somewhere on the imaginary border between Germany and France, a huge river was a sort of natural frontier, and incredibly beautiful bridges were there. Everything was so magnificent like the jungle sometimes can be or like some of my impressions from some Garcia Marquez's books. Another dream full of light and, I like to believe, of hope. Also kind of strange, because of the timing, I was rather expecting a nightmare, I might have a strange (let’s call it like this) day at work today.
I just realize that this blog looks somehow like his calendar, May 12, week 19, Friday, Freitag | Vendredi. Well, with some more pictures.
He made bread, again, and pizza. Yummy!

I keep thinking of my cousin, I know stories since she was a child and now she has a child on her own. Well, this is natural, you’ll say, but I don’t know, sometimes I don’t see myself completely mature and now, when people of my generation have children, I find it kind of weird, and fascinating. But maybe when you’re a parent, you don’t have so much time to think about it.

marți, 9 mai 2006

Simple life

I think it's funny that I suddenly decided at least to try writing my blog in English. Like Federman did. :-) But it's not that easy to find my words and organize my ideas.
On Sunday I saw two doves nesting on the roof of the neighbour's house. I couldn't help but smile. The spring is definitely here.
We're going to have fresh bread, thanks to him.
I think of taking a quick walk in the park; the air is so sweet, it smells like rain, and the mix between that and the lilac on our street it's purely great. Meanwhile I have Jerry Maguire on background.
Just chill, can you?

vineri, 5 mai 2006

I miss home

Yesterday I saw for the first time the picture of my cousin with her son. They'll be able to go back home, in Romania, starting with July 3rd. I'd love to go there myself; maybe not alone though. I’m not sure if starting to dream about this would be an appropriate idea though. In case that this won't happen, I mean.
Anyway, I started today to listen to Romanian (folk) music. We planned to get drunk tonight, but I don't know if I should do it, because I'm still a little bit sick. Well, a few more hours and we'll know.
Meanwhile I'm starring at the 4th (or more) jumbo cup of tea. The movie we saw yesterday, Liegen lernen, was pretty cool, maybe because of my recent trip to Berlin. I just spoke with mom about those nice days.
We tried to get the pictures from the palm, but nothing happened yet.

I was pretty proud of my discovery from last night :>
Calvin said "Ooh, ssau mal, der gosse, gesteifte Smusie! Biddu ein lieba Streisselsmusie??". And my Katzenschlange read it to me.

Our family is now even bigger. We adopted a poor small polar bear from Berlin.

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