luni, 21 mai 2007

Vio likes to

Am gasit la Ariel, te duci in gugal si scrii cu ghilimele ce nume vrei tu si cu likes to.
La mine a iesit asa:

ViO likes to Pee-O
Vio likes to go there from time to time and I've never been--she will have fun dressing me up in her goth clothes.
Vio likes to get stuck in but he doesn't look match fit to me and if he dives in with rash challenges then he will do us more harm than good
Vio likes to play deeperoff another striker
wow vio likes to sleep with hello kitty...
Vio likes to make up bullshit, am I the only one who's realised this?
Vio likes to laugh, and is cautious about saying things that would offend or hurt anyone.
Vio likes to think herself diferent than most people born into troublesome famillies, and she will most likely aim to prove herself so.
nowadays, as vio likes to point out so often, the macro has permeated the newschool realm.


6 comentarii:

  1. "liviu likes to" nu da nici un rezultat, asa ca l-am tradus ca "lui liviu ii place".

    - Cu toate astea, lui Liviu ii place sa se distreze in compania fetelor pana noaptea tarziu.

    - lui liviu ii place de edward norton

    - lui Liviu ii place pestele in general

    - lui Liviu ii place mult sa se spele singur si chiar o face foarte bine

    - Lui Liviu ii place in special muzica hip-hop shi rock!

  2. am facut si eu!

    Desi prima zi de gradinita nu e o amintire foarte placuta,lui Vio ii place sa-si aminteasca de Ramona,prima lui "gagica" cu care era coleg de grupa si vecin ... [asta e baetu de la 3SE, daaaa?:P]

    Mihai stiu ca lui Vio ii place in Hawaii mai mult decat oriunde, imi tot spune ca si in San Diego e frumos dar oceanul tot nu este asa de albastru ca in ... [forum emigrare romani in hawaii mmm pizza hawaii]

    in mod evident(desi lui vio ii place sa dezvolte discutia in alte directii :P ) aveam si 2 pasageri in spate, care nu purtau centuri, iar aici e vinovat ... [nu pare a fi cu accidente, ci cu daca ai sti cite lucruri se pot face pe bancheta din spate in mers...!!!]

  3. OMG, am cautat "Suzi likes to"


  4. da, chiar asa, porcilor!:D:D
    oare ce iese daca ne dam in google images?:D:D:D
    intreb asa naiv!:D


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