sâmbătă, 10 iulie 2010

Mai mișc

Am primit o vedere de la Anna și m-a întrebat care-i site-ul meu preferat. Dat fiind că e din Olanda, nu i-am recomandat ceva în română.

Hi Anna!
I love the postcard you sent me, thank you so much!

Here are 5 websites I love:
1. sandra juto *photography and not only*


2. a sincere blog/journal written in english, with a lot of wonderful pictures, belongs to a friend of mine who is going to visit us at the end of this month.


3. I browsed through this blog from page 1 to end. I love the atmosphere.


4. webcams with amazing views, best quality, from Island:


5. this is a very beautiful website from a real estate company in sweden. I like to watch what they sell, I think it is peaceful and it gives me, well, inspiration.


I hope you are going to like at least one of them. What is your top 5? :)

Have a nice week-end,

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